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Emraan Hashmi
Serial Kisser
24-03-1979 (39 years)
5 ft 7 in or 17

Emraan Hashmi is an Indian film actor, Emraan Hahsmi is mostly called Serial Kisser because of kissing in bollywood movies. Before acting NTRoversy'>Emraan Hashmi was with Vishesh Films as an assistant director on NTRoversy'>Vikram's Bhatt's Razz(2002). NTRoversy'>Emraan Hashmi made his acting debut with Bhatt's Footpath and then the erotic thriller Murder which was the successful movie on box office and after that the Serial Kisser title is following NTRoversy'>Emraan Hashmi .

emraan Hashmi has done mostly hit films under Vishesh Films banner. Critics labelled him as a "one note actor". But after Once Upon a Time in Mumbaaai (2010), The Dirty Picture(2011), Shanghai(2012), Ek Thi Daayan (2013), after doing these great movies he has earned good roles in various movies. Even He has established himself as a leading actor in Bollywood.

Earlier Life

Emraan Hashmi was born into Muslim family in Mumbai Maharashtra. He is the cousin of director Mohit SUri, actress and director Pooja Bhatt, actor Rahul Bhatt and actress NTRoversy'>Alia Bhatt .

personal Life

Emraan Hashmi married to Parveen Shahani in 2006, his long-time girlfriend and became a father to a son, Ayaan Hashmi.
In January 15,2014 Emraan's four year old son Ayaan Hashmi was diagnosed with first-sTage-cancer.

Workout Plan

Emraan Hashmi is not into hardcore workout, he works out only 4-5 days per week. He just want to be fit. Emraan says "Fitness means being healthy not having such necessarily building muscles.". He used to work for two days and then one day break, he repeats this routine. DUring Workout Emran mainly focuses on all the parts of body. He mostly works out for an hour which consists of cardio and weight. He also practice yoga once or twice a week. WorKing out at gym made him disciplined.

Diet Routine

Emraan used to have chicken or mutton in lunch. His lunch consist of 2-3 chapattis, daal, vegetable, curd. Emraan b989' title='ELI: Story Plot, Unknown Facts, Release Date, Box Office Collection, Trailer, Star Cast, Reviews'>ELIves to take light dinner and its good for health. Besides this, good sleep is also important.Emraan don’t indulge in fast food, alcohol and sweets as far as possible.

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