John Abrham Eight Pack Abs Look For Rocky Handsome

John Abrham the man with good looks and muscular body, and the deep baritone voice, makes him even cool.

I am talKing about the latest look of NTRoversy'>John Abraham from the movie Rocky Handsome, John has eight pack abs and in Rocky Handsome Movie.

Latest Trailer of Rocky Handsome movie.

It seems ,the cute girl from Rocky Handsome has been kidnapped, and NTRoversy'>John Abraham is trying to save the little girl.
After watching the trailer, its not clear about what happens to NTRoversy'>Shruti Hassan, his girlfriend or wife.

We hope, there might be a good role of NTRoversy'>Shruti Hassan in the movie, as the trailer doesn't convey about the story of NTRoversy'>Shruti Hassan and NTRoversy'>John Abraham in the movie.
Because the main focus of the movie is the little Girl.

As the new trailer seems very cool, and the action are too good, as the last seen when NTRoversy'>John Abraham Jumps on the cars was just awesome.

The Knife killing scene of Rocky Handsome is even cool, It seems NTRoversy'>John Abraham has worked very hard to get The Body, and to perform the mind blowing actions in the movie.

As the movie is directed by Nishikant Kamant, the director who has directed the action pack movies like Force.

Release Date of Rocky Handsome is 25th March 2016.